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” For those who have not yet understood the place of new technologies in their Companies’ management   and for individuals who do not adapt their daily needs to IT, are called to disappear for companies and stay at the back to the pack for the individuals”


Our Solutions

Tabis Company offers a wide range of solutions to clients with rigorous and demanding governance. We develop applications adapted to your needs and participate in the optimization of your company performances


You are a store owner, this solution allows you to place online orders between you and your wholesaler with sms notifications, to sell your products and to manage your stock and your cash flow.


You are a bar or restaurant owner, this solution allows you to place order online between you and your wholsaler with sms notifications, to sell your products and manage your stock as well as cash flow.


You are a hotel or hostel owner, this solution allows you to follow the reservations of your rooms made by your customers and to make a complete management of your installation with regular notifications, to sell your products and to manage your stock and your treasury.


You need to collect and manage your taxes in real time, this solution is an application that allows a municipality to collect and manage taxes. Its use is ideal for collecting agents, mayors, accountants and prefects.


This solution is designed to manage service stations from order to delivery as well as the operations carried out by the station with the sale at the pump and those of the shop. It also manages prepaid magnetic cards and vouchers.


Your are a Travel Company using buses, this solution is for online reservation and sale of bus tickets, and helps you to monitor your company tickets' sellers activities remotly.

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About Us

Work With Tried and True app Dev Experts

As an IT service management company, we have 9 years of experience in the field. We have developed applications in collaboration with international experts and sold to prestigious clients with rigorous governance and demanding procedures. As a team, we rely on the experience of the management team  and various knowledge of our developers that we pool and we do not hesitate to use our international partners to satisfy our customers. Our values are based on good work, our availability and an unfailing commitment to our customers. Tabis Company has a long experience in customer service for call centers and their implementation. We develop innovative solutions for our emerging African markets.

What We Do?

Digital Marketing

For us we do study for your company its competition on the Internet. Benchmarking the competition on the web is essential to know the positioning on which you want to adapt your internet strategy. 

Unique Layout

Visitors are highly concerned about how subjects are presented on your site pages or mobile app appears on their phones, therefore you must choose the best layout designer to build your sites.

Clean Design

Tabis Company have a dynamic and youth team with web and mobile development specific skills.Highly motivated, the team is dedicated to design, build and help you to maintain your apps and services. 

Right Solutions

Tabis have developed solutions adapted to African market which we promote by our team to help companies operating in the same filed to suscribe and have the same tools for their managment.

Customers Feedback

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